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Avana 100
Avana 100
USD $31.00
Avana 100 is an outstanding erectile dysfunction pill manufactured by a renowned pharmaceutical t..
Based on 1 reviews.
Avana 50
Avana 50
USD $30.00
Avana 50 is a scientifically proven effective medication for treating erectile dysfunction to the..
Based on 1 reviews.

Avana medicines are highly recommended Erectile Dysfunction pills manufactured by a pharmaceutical organization Sunrise Remedies. This medicine contains Avanafil in it as its Parent and active ingredient. These Avana medicines are nothing new, but it is an upgraded version of Generic Stendra. These medicines are known well as of the best erectile dysfunction pill that treat and provide relief to all men affected by erectile dysfunction or impotency issues. The component in this medicine is a phosphodiesterase type5: PDE5-Inhibitor that performs unique mechanism that provides relaxation to arterial strain and by relaxing muscles it enhances the flow of blood in the penile region.

The Erectile Dysfunction products perform its duties the best way by improving penile performances and by reducing arterial strains as a whole. The medicine is known for improving sexual abilities and by reducing arterial complications with improved erotic sustainability. These pills gets impotence in control by straightened up penile naturally. Such medications meet up sexual a desire, which aims to reach copulatory satisfaction just in few minutes of consumption of medicine. These medications on its proper consumption take maximum time of 25 minutes to start its effective treatment. Effective outcome of this medicine on impotent men remains for longer i.e. 4 to 5 hours. Erectile Dysfunction on its proper consumption will never disappoint its consumers and will provide them proper penile erection that stays active and let this group of men perform satisfactory.

Availability of this medicine in various forms and strengths makes it amongst most assayed solution to work as enhancer of penile, which is known for enhancing sexual performance within men. Medicine being a bounty solution deals with penile issues and further allows enjoying sex without any worries of penile failures.

Consulting a doctor for a better treatment will never disappoint you until and unless impotent men are notice to be allergic to the active ingredient present in these medicines. Avanafil consisting medicine get dissolves in the blood stream and by increasing the presence of nitric oxide, which increases the flow of blood that flows until men’s organ and reduces arterial strain caused because of improper functioning of penile system. Improvisation in the functioning of penile system allows men to attain proper penile erection and perform accurately in bed. These medicines are prescription medicines and one who wants to purchase it must go along with proper prescription to buy it at online pharmacy or pharmaceutical market.

Avana medicines has few limitations on its usage, which one should be aware of to prevent harmful effect on their health. It is not recommended for men, who are already under treatment with medicines such as nitrates, alpha-blockers or protease inhibitors. Such drugs are pharmacologically incompatible with Avanafil, causing unpleasant side effects if taken together. It is also not signaled for men who suffer from chronic heart, brain, liver or kidney problems. Dizziness with mild blurry vision, headache, stomachache, drowsiness, allergic patches, upset stomach, nasal congestion, etc.  are commonly experienced after the dosage. Consulting a doctor for treating these side effects caused due to over dosage will get cure as per doctors prescribed ways and medicines.

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