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  • Penegra 100
    Based on 3 reviews.
  • Penegra 100 is one of the generic medicines used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Sunri..
    Based on 3 reviews.
    USD $44.00
  • USD $44.00
  • Penegra 50
    Based on 3 reviews.
  • Zydac Fortiz manufactures 50mg Sildenafil Citrate composed anti-erectile dysfunction pill termed ..
    Based on 3 reviews.
    USD $42.00
  • USD $42.00
  • Penegra 25
    Based on 3 reviews.
  • Penegra 25 is a mild power anti-erectile dysfunction medication. This effective treatment is an o..
    Based on 3 reviews.
    USD $40.00
  • USD $40.00

Penegra medicine composed of various strengths of Sildenafil Citrate works to deal with impotence issue like Erectile Dysfunction in men. Medicine performs sensationally for relieving penile failure and allowing impotent men to attain stiffer erection that stays for longer time. Medicine performs well only when consumed in presence of sexual stimulation.

Available Dosage & Format:
Sildenafil Citrate composed medicine is available in various strengths including 25mg, 50mg and 100mg. Medicine is composed in easy to consume conventional tablet form. The pills are to be consumed orally as whole with plain glass of water.

Working of Medicine:
Parent ingredient Sildenafil Citrate in the medicine is a PDE 5 inhibitor. This component is known for working by loosening arterial blockages that allows appropriate amount of blood to flow in the penile region. Appropriate flow of blood in the penile region helps impotent men to attain erection that lasts for longer time.

Consumption & Effectiveness:

Medicine is composed in conventional tablet form that is to be swallowed once in a day. Conventional pill is to be consumed orally with plain glass of water. Take pills as whole without altering the state of pill by chewing or crushing. Medicine when consumed in presence of complete sexual stimulation helps to gain maximum effective results.

Effectiveness of Penegra medicine depends on strength of pill consumed and pattern he follows for consumption of pills. Proper intake of medicine helps impotent men to stay active for max 6 hours.

Side Effects:
Flushing, headache, impaired vision and nasal congestion like mild reactions may occur while taking this medicine. However, severe reactions with medicine happen in rare cases of overdose or due to allergic reactions with Sildenafil Citrate in the medicine.

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