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  • Filitra 40
    Based on 2 reviews.
  • One of the best and safest medicine to control penile failure issues in all men is Filitra 40. Im..
    Based on 2 reviews.
    USD $42.00
  • USD $42.00
  • Filitra 10
    Based on 2 reviews.
  • Filitra 10 is a mild power sensational erectile dysfunction pill manufactured by a well-known pha..
    Based on 2 reviews.
    USD $27.00
  • USD $27.00
  • Filitra 20
    Based on 2 reviews.
  • Filitra 20 is a unique composition of a prominent organization Fortune HealthCare Pvt. Ltd. This ..
    Based on 2 reviews.
    USD $36.00
  • USD $36.00

Filitra is an outstanding power pack medication available in the market and it is manufactured by a pharmaceutical tycoon Fortune HealthCare Pvt. Ltd., which is known best in the business for its capability of producing effective, and result oriented medications. Filagra contains Vardenafil in it as its parent ingredient and this ingredient is the only active component present that performs unique mechanism to complete treat Erectile Dysfunction and provide relief to all men.  Availability of Filitra products in various strength as a erectile dysfunction medication serves safe and secures positive outcomes for men consuming suitable solution for themselves.

With moderate consumption of Filitra medicines, the expected results experienced are peak with reduced pleasures and satisfaction. Filitra improves sexual capabilities by working on the penile failures, improving the quality of blood flow to the organ and strain on strain arterial muscles. The Vardenafil tablets perform simply outstanding and put its best by fighting erectile failures and enjoying the ultimate sexual bliss.

Brand Filitra is an outstanding erectile dysfunction pill and the name of the manufacturer is enough for its consumer to trust all the products that comes under the brand Filitra. The capability and the nature of being productive in providing expected results with the help its unique performance allow men to achieve long lasting penile erection and this becomes possible because of improvised functioning of penile system. Active ingredient Vardenafil present in this medication brand Filitra belongs to group of PDE5-Inhibitors. These inhibitors are responsible for outreaching expected results because of their performed unique mechanism that involves inhibition of enzymes and improvisation of penile system by treating improper flow of blood and increased arterial strain.

Every medicines of this medication are available in different proportion that is power and according to their powers; they are available in blister of 10 and in different colour. Filitra medicines are not completely different in colour but they have different shades of yellow colour as per powers. Mild, moderate and high power dosage is according to its requirement and condition of health condition for which doctors have prescribed it i.e. 10mg, 20mg, 40 and professional.

Precautions -

  • Filitra medicines are eligible for only men who are above the age of 18 years, so that their body can handle the unique mechanism performed by the medicine on its consumption
  • Men allergic to the active ingredient of this medication i.e. Vardenafil must stop intake of this medication and ask their doctor for a substitution for it
  • This PDE5-Inhibitor containing medicine must not be consume by men who are allergic to its active ingredient
  • Consumption of Filitra products with grapefruit and alcohol must be strictly prohibited to prevent unwanted circumstances that can cause number of harm to consumer’s body
  • Intake of this medicine with other severe health condition’s medicine and medicines containing nitrates must be avoided to be at a safer end from the chaos that can cause because of the ingredient mixtures.       

Excessive intake of this medicine is not safe, may lead to severe reactions, and is an unhealthy practice. Headache, Stomachache, Blurry Vision, Vomiting, Allergic Patches, Dizziness, Drowsiness, Breathing Issues, Nasal Congestion, etc. are the common side effects that men often faces due to over dosing and miss using.

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